Effective use of Telemedicine in your Practice

Effective use of Telemedicine in your Practice

Effective use of Telemedicine in your Practice

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed a great amount of strain on the healthcare industry and as a result, providers have had to adapt in order to provide care to their patients and continue to maximize their revenue. One way many providers have evolved throughout this trying time is by implementing the use of Telemedicine throughout their practices. Telemedicine is an effective means to provide remote patient care by using the latest telecommunication technologies. This includes the use of interactive audio and video telecommunications between the patient and the healthcare provider.

There are multiple options when incorporating Telemedicine into your practice, and each may target a different set of specific needs. One way to implement Telemedicine practices is via your patient portal. A Telemedicine option may be built into your patient portal and integrated into your EHR workflow. This option is beneficial because most patients are already familiar with the patient portal and therefore the experience is efficient and hassle-free.

Another option for implementing Telemedicine practices is utilizing an EHR-integrated application. This involves the use of a third-party application which allows the access of patient information, Telemedicine sessions, and more. This is beneficial due to the ability to access scheduling and patient information which allows higher efficiency for providers.

The third option for implementing Telemedicine practices is a standalone solution. With this option, your EHR would be used for scheduling, documentation, and billing; the Telemedicine solution would only facilitate communication with patients. The benefit to this option is lower costs, less or no contractual commitment, and a faster implementation.

In order to choose the right Telemedicine solution for you and your practice, there are key factors that must be considered. If you are looking to begin Telemedicine immediately, you will need to account for the time necessary for implementation. Many Telemedicine solution vendors have long implementation timelines due to high demand during this pandemic.

Another factor to consider ease of use of technology for the patient and provider. Depending on your patient demographics, there may be barriers to use for specific vendors that require more support. Provider experience is equally important, as choppy workflows caused by ill-fitting Telemedicine solutions could affect the productivity and revenue of your practice.

Another consideration for your practice is if the investment is worth the cost. When beginning to look for Telemedicine solutions, it’s beneficial to find a reasonably priced option with short term commitment that allows you to explore what capabilities are most important to you. Lastly, it is extremely important to find a solution that is HIPAA compliant and allows for providers to obtain consent for a Telemedicine visit in accordance with state requirements to protect PHI.

Telemedicine has been proven to be an extremely useful tool for practices across the nation as we continue to navigate through the challenges caused by COVID-19. If you are interested in finding out what Telemedicine solutions that may work best for your practice, click here to learn how TriumpHealth can assist you in evaluating your options and maximizing your revenue.