Patient Statements & Patient Calls

TriumpHealth provides Patient Statements & Patient Calls services to help healthcare providers communicate with patients regarding their outstanding balances and payment options.

Patient Statements & Patient Calls

TriumpHealth mails patient statements and collects online payments on your behalf. By streamlining the payment process for your patients, you’ll increase collections, reduce outstanding accounts receivable, and save time and money spent printing and mailing statements.

Patients often delay paying their bills or refuse to pay them all together, simply because they don’t understand what they owe and why. We send patient statements that are easy for patients to understand and that drive reimbursement via your preferred payment options e.g. check credit card or payment portal.

We do our due diligence in mailing multiple patient statements, followed by calls to collect money from the patients. Let TriumpHealth start maximizing your revenue today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for generating and sending patient statements, and how do you ensure accuracy in billing information and transparency in communication?

The process involves compiling billing data, generating statements, and delivering them to patients via mail or electronic means. We ensure accuracy by validating billing information against patient records and payer data. Transparency is maintained through clear itemization of charges, explanations of insurance coverage, and accessible contact information for billing inquiries.

Can you explain the significance of clear and comprehensible patient statements in promoting patient understanding and prompt payment?

Clear and comprehensible patient statements are essential as they empower patients to understand their financial responsibilities, insurance coverage, and any outstanding balances. This clarity promotes prompt payment by reducing confusion and fostering trust between patients and healthcare providers.

How do you handle patient calls and inquiries related to billing statements, and what strategies are in place to address patient concerns or confusion?

We handle patient calls and inquiries promptly and professionally, providing accurate and empathetic responses to address patient concerns or confusion. Strategies include comprehensive staff training on billing procedures and patient communication, access to patient account information during calls, and escalation procedures for complex inquiries requiring further investigation.

What measures do you take to protect patient confidentiality and comply with healthcare data security regulations during the generation and handling of patient statements and calls?

We adhere to strict data security protocols and HIPAA regulations to protect patient confidentiality. Measures include encrypted communication channels for handling patient information, access controls to restrict data access to authorized personnel only, and regular security audits to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities.

Can you share examples of success stories where your patient statements and calls services have improved patient satisfaction and payment collection for healthcare providers?

We’ve seen improved patient satisfaction and payment collection through initiatives such as clearer statement layouts, personalized patient outreach, and dedicated patient support lines. By enhancing communication and transparency, patients feel more empowered to address billing issues proactively, leading to faster resolution and improved payment compliance.

Our Process


Statement Generation

Generate clear and concise patient statements detailing services provided, charges incurred, insurance adjustments, and any outstanding balances.


Delivery and Communication

Send patient statements promptly via mail or electronically, accompanied by clear instructions for payment options and contact information for billing inquiries.


Follow-up Calls

Initiate follow-up calls to patients with outstanding balances, providing courteous reminders about payment due dates and offering assistance with payment arrangements or insurance-related queries.


Resolution and Documentation

Document all interactions with patients, including call attempts, conversations, and agreements reached regarding payment plans or resolutions for outstanding balances, ensuring comprehensive record-keeping and follow-up as needed.

Benefits of Working with TriumpHealth

Patient Billing and Statements Service

Customized Statements

We send statements tailored to each patient, providing detailed yet easy-to-understand breakdowns of charges and insurance payments.

Multiple Payment Options

Patients can pay by check, credit card, or online, giving them flexibility and convenience.

Billing Inquiries

We help our clients navigate through complex billing questions by providing transparent and empathetic support to them.

Follow-up Calls

Our team ensures that patients matter beyond the office visit, enhancing their satisfaction and your reputation.

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