Dental Providers

Dental providers have specific needs when it comes to revenue cycle management.

Dental Providers

As a leading revenue cycle management company TriumpHealth specializes in assisting dental and orofacial pain and sleep providers nationwide. TriumpHealth plays a pivotal role in navigating the intricate processes of credentialing and billing within this specialized field.

Much like any other specialty, the credentialing process for dental and orofacial pain and sleep providers involves meticulous verification and evaluation of certifications and legitimacy, ensuring adherence to regulatory standards set by insurance companies, regulatory bodies, and other relevant entities. TriumpHealth’s dedicated credentialing team meticulously navigates this landscape, ensuring compliance with state and federal laws, including introducing new taxonomy codes to payers to facilitate inclusion into their networks.

Beyond ensuring compliance and facilitating inclusion into insurance networks, TriumpHealth extends its expertise to encompass specialized dental billing services tailored specifically for the unique and growing field or Orofacial Pain and Sleep Medicine. TriumpHealth has successfully assisted dental providers across the nation in getting enrolled and has become a trusted partner for dental and orofacial pain and sleep providers to achieve financial success while delivering exceptional patient care.

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