MIPS 2020 Proposed Rule

MIPS 2020 Proposed Rule

MIPS 2020 Proposed Rule

CMS just posted the proposed rule for MIPS 2020 which comes with a lot of continuous changes! While you are still trying to understand the new rules that came with this year’s reporting, we are constantly staying up to date to ensure that you are aware and fully understand what’s to come.

The minimum threshold for 2019 MIPS reporting was 30 points in order to avoid the penalty, however starting in 2020 the proposed minimum score has now increased to 45 points and in 2021 it is expected to be a minimum of 60 points. In order to obtain exceptional performance incentive for the 2020 reporting year, physicians must now achieve a score of 80 points to qualify for reimbursement and in 2021, physicians must reach at least 85 points. With the minimum score continuing to increase, it makes achieving the incentive even more challenging.

Currently, the data completeness threshold for quality is at 60%, which is proposed to be increased to 70%. With a continuous focus on high-priority and outcome measures. Starting in the 2020 MIPS reporting year, specialty’s such as Speech-Language Pathology, Audiology, Clinical Social Work, Chiropractic Medicine, Pulmonary, Nutrition/Dietician, and Endocrinology will also be required to report.

The proposed weightage across all four MIPS categories in 2020 is as follows:

CMS has proposed that the penalty also be increased from -7% to -9% in 2020. Based on the current eligibility requirements of seeing more than 200 Part B patients and billing more than $90,000 in Part B charges,not reporting could cost upwards of $8,000 per clinician per year.

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By: Alexis Cardona, Healthcare Solutions Consultant